martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Los Borgia

The Borgias emerged from Valencia in Spain. They were patrons of the arts; thanks to their support, artists of the Renaissance could 'spread their wings' and realize their artistic potential. The most brilliant personalities of this era regularly visited their court.
Rodrigo Borgia got to be Pope Alexander VI living at the Vatican (Rome), He was considered a good politician and diplomat, but he was also criticized for an overflow of splendor, simony (selling church goods, offices, etc.) and nepotism (favoring family members when assigning offices).  Because of their search for power, they made enemies of other powerful families such as the Medici and the Sforza, as well as the influential Dominican friar Savonarola.

Lee el texto y responde a estas preguntas:

¿Quién es el Papa de Roma en la serie?

¿Cómo eran los Borgia?

¿De dónde eran?

¿En qué ciudad vivían?

¿Dónde está esa ciudad?

¿Quienes eran sus enemigos?

¿Por qué era criticado el Papa Alexander VI?

¿Qué es el nepotismo?

Text extracts from Wikipedia